Walking Through a New Door

What awaits me around the corner I wonder. I am constantly torn between fear and a growing delight to walk towards what I feel I am being called to do. Will the prayers that people have prayed over me unfold in reality? Will those precious dreams tucked so deep inside of me ever come to fruition now that they have been realised, breathed on and given hope? Even those dreams I am too scared to utter….. for fear of being seen as foolish, prideful and unskilled?

What faith must it have taken Peter to step out of that safe boat onto water he knew he would drown in, if not for Jesus. If not for Jesus. He is my anchor, my growing comfort, my rock in stormy seasons of terror and doubt. He is my strength. In Him, I will trust. In Him, I will rest, for He alone has set my feet upon a rock. Let a season of singing, of writing and personal encounters with His love burst forth in me. Of listening to a voice which I desire to become more familiar to me than my mothers voice, more consistently recognisable in my life. He alone knows my heart’s desires. I choose to lean into Him and rely upon my own understanding less and less.


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