Creativity Unleashed

Trapped inside these four self imposed walls. How much of my life have I lived as a casual bystander, a jealous observer, a caged animal. I have lived as one bound by chains for too long, some of my own making. I have become a tamed lion, unable to recall the joys of freedom.

A cry of longing from my soul  rises up in me again, long ago pushed down by a greater desire to fit, to blend in, to be accepted. What a great lie; this view of social conformity. I was not designed by my Creator for this. Somewhere inside me, I know this.

I was made to dance in pure abandonment, to sing at the top of my lungs with words of bold declaration, to spread out my paints and blank canvases messily over the kitchen table and express what is so often kept hidden.

Where fear has cloaked creativity in the past, let Father take the veil off my eyes and awaken me to His intended design for my life.  Where fear has choked the life out of me, let His perfect love which casts out all fear, break every hold. Every hold. Every hold which threatens again to bind me.

Let creativity be silenced in me no longer. Let me strive no longer to fit a perceived mould that I was never designed to occupy. I am no longer that caged animal. Father broke that lie wide open when He took my place on that lonely cross.

Let me keep my eyes on Him, not on the ebs and flows of life, not on the successes and failures of others, not on my own insecurities, but in His overflowing neverending everlasting love for me.

I was designed to live wildly, joyfully, expressing His goodness. Let me never suppress again this good work that He is beginning in me.


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